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Hey..!! there's a horse on my bed....

Posted by
bronzebilly u.k. (Barry,Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 22 March 2008 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

Billy:-"Hey Mrs.Billy there's a horse on my bed.."
Mrs.Billy:-"I wondered where he'd got to..he pushed past me when I put the cat out.."
Billy:-"How am I supposed to get some sleep..I've got to get up early for work in the morning"..
Mrs.Billy:-"You'll have to sleep on the couch,then"..
Billy:-"Why,what have I done wrong this time"
Mrs.Billy:-"Nothing that I know of,it's just that there's only enough room for me and the horse.!!"..
Billy:-"o.k...goodnight Mrs.Billy."..
Mrs.Billy"goodnight Billy"..
Billy:-"goodnight Horsey"...
Horse:-"goodneeeeeiiiight Mr.and Mrs.Billy.."
Lights out.....
another cut and paste episode from Billy...

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States


23 Mar 2008 2:36am

Rags from Plano, United States

that is one cool shot! I find it really funny.

23 Mar 2008 4:45am

Rhys from Darlington, United Kingdom

a chilling flashback to 'The Godfather', except this horse isn't dead! great c'n'p Billy.

23 Mar 2008 7:09am

@Rhys: They offered me the horse and obviously I couldn't refuse.*-))

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

You are so twisted!! LOL Nicely done with the cut and paste! BTW.. over here we call that "horse" a pony.. hee hee hee

23 Mar 2008 4:57pm

Anne from White Rock, Canada

Hi Billy! What a warped twisted sense of humour you have! Well keep it up cos I laughed my socks off! I went to listen to your music then realized I couldn't turn my speakers up (my computer is in a big tall workstation (a big tall cabinet with frosted glass doors - and it adjoins my next door neighbours bedroom wall) - a bit of an inconvience really - but it was 2:00 am. Happy Easter Billy! I was looking for my funny horse video to post on My Space - but its not in my computer. Must be on a CD by now! ;-)

23 Mar 2008 5:30pm

e. from New York, NY, United States

Oh my goodness how strange! Haha. :-P

23 Mar 2008 6:24pm

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

LOL :) You really are the master of imagination, dear billy-ever-awesome!! I’m so going to miss your work. I’ll no longer be on Am3, but may I wish you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter, and thank you for all your kindness and encouragement here on Am3. I appreciate it. Best of wishes always.

23 Mar 2008 7:33pm

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Oh the things you can think billy!!!!!
Warped and so funny!!!!

24 Mar 2008 12:32am

Craig from Vacaville, California, United States

OK Billy! Quit horsing around!!! Love it man!

24 Mar 2008 12:44am

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

hahaha,you are so imaginative and creative,i wish i have a chance for Caleb to sit with you and hear you tell him stories,i am sure he will like it:)
[side point:What a cozy room!:)]

24 Mar 2008 2:22am

@tyan: cheers m'lady..

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States many inappropriate comments come to mind. :) Another seamless paste! Nice dancey tunes, too!

24 Mar 2008 8:22pm

@Ken McCoy: Well restrained Prof..I hope you tapped your feet my friend..*-))