Victorian Pier

Posted by bronzebilly u.k. (Barry,Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 5 February 2008 in Art & Design and Portfolio.

Billy's back after a short break,--you know--,creative block,work pressures,research,aching bones,bloody weather,and my I.S.P. off-line for a few days,--but apart from all that ,everything's fine and dandy,so here we go.....

Man With 101 Names from Hamburg, United States

very nice bb production here ! the points of light seem to shine out of my monitor , super cool !

5 Feb 2008 1:03pm

@Man With 101 Names: cheers 101...I had to fiddle with this shot with my shades on....

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Great job on the photo!

5 Feb 2008 1:37pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

That light looks to be a sun, shining from a distant galaxy. Or perhaps this building is merely located on Jupiter? Great compo, mon ami.

5 Feb 2008 1:39pm

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Umm... that would be "those two lights appear to be shining from distant galaxies..." See, I messed up, too. At least yours was just a typo.

5 Feb 2008 1:40pm

@Viewfinder: Forgiven father bro'.....

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I love the glowing lights and I see there was a "greene cheese" moon that night :) a very creative image BillyB.

5 Feb 2008 3:01pm

@MaryB: I took a was nice...

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

i liked the 2 bright lights very much,and like to think like VF that its 2 bright lights shining from some distant galaxies,haha,and that greenish moon just perfected the picture,Uncle Billy!:)

5 Feb 2008 3:35pm

@tyan: cheers your honour my friend...

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Cor blimey... I do love your stuff! Did I mention green is my favourite colour?!!

5 Feb 2008 4:12pm

@amy: Cheers No. 1--touché pal..I'll send you a green gift one day(you know where)...*-))...

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Billy this is truly a masterpiece...the effect, the two beaming lights and the subtle moon...Luvs it!!!
Glad you are back and in full force again! ; )

5 Feb 2008 4:14pm

@Jen: I return..If only for the flattery..hee..hee..

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States


6 Feb 2008 2:15am

e. from New York, NY, United States

Wow, beautiful! I really particularly like the two lights. Glad to see you're back. :)

6 Feb 2008 8:01am

ManuelaR from Hainburg, Germany

Yes, the two lights are my prefereance here too... cool creativity, you never stop to amaze and surprise!
Which creative block...????

6 Feb 2008 9:03am

Mandy from South Africa

Back with a bang Billy - awesome PP as always! love the light flares.......the moon is also so well placed that you almost miss it, but the shot would be incomplete without it! :)

6 Feb 2008 7:31pm

Anne from White Rock, Canada

That moon is definitely made out of green cheese Billy! This is superb pp work. Really miss the English (or Welsh) piers. Like the ones at Blackpool, etc. Full of entertainment and things to eat! Our pier here is just a long long plank one - you know - a fishing pier and boat launching dock at the end. Although! I once did go on a great one down in California - but not as long as the North, Central and South Piers at Blackpool! Where did you take the originalllllllllllllllllll (oops! my ring fingernail is too long and stuck between the keys) of this one? :-D

6 Feb 2008 11:28pm

@Anne: hey Anne..this pier is in a small coastal town about 4 miles from Cardiff called's a bona fide Victorian pier still in use for entertainment and boat landings etc..
there's a full shot here :-
Are you sure it's not the Liz Taylor bling on your ring finger holding down the keys..*-))

alla from Toronto, Canada

Green moon!!! I love it!

7 Feb 2008 1:32pm

Rhys from Darlington, United Kingdom

hey, brilliant! I do love a good pier shot!

8 Feb 2008 1:11pm

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

I am back too my friend! Cool work Billy!

8 Feb 2008 5:50pm

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Interesting as always really dig the lens flare *bright lights* going on.

9 Feb 2008 12:55am


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