Jupiter Beach Wildlife

Posted by bronzebilly u.k. (Barry,Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 13 October 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

A still from the film--found here:-

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Billy's gone surreal on us; a regular Dali or something. Very, very, very cool image creation today BB.

14 Oct 2007 12:59am

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Am I going to have to start calling you billyfellini? or billybergman? This could be on an album cover for Floyd! Or as Viewfinder said, it does have a bit of a Dali influence. Anyway you slice it, this is quite frankly an amazing piece of art! (sorry bud, I am still suffering the fuzzies from a 2 day migraine so if this doesn't sound quite like me that's why..) I do absolutely heart it!!! I'm thinking this is one of your best if not the best... ;-)

14 Oct 2007 1:38am

@amy: cheers cutes--very encouraging words ,pal,appreciate the visit in your recovery mode--billysoother

Ken McCoy from Orlando-Daytona Beach, FL, United States

Another superb demonstration of your penchant for the surreal!

14 Oct 2007 2:30am

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

An absolutely marvelous image!

14 Oct 2007 3:37am

Bron from Canberra, Australia

WAY cool!! Max Ernst eat your heart out!! It's a landscape woven from dreams. billymagritte - you're the best!!

14 Oct 2007 6:12am

@Bron: whoa hoa !! Bron--keep them worthies comin' pal--I soak and wallow in accolades*-))

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

whoo hoo Uncle Billy!That's not your finger eh?This looks so futuristic to me,and i esp like the relection of the bird on the balls,(or planets?)*Stick out tongue*.You are an artist at heart this i m sure!

14 Oct 2007 7:20am

@tyan: hey tyan--that's Mrs.Billy's finger--but I stuck it back on when I finished the shot--hee hee--Unclebilly

badala from Leiria, Portugal

:) Very creative.

14 Oct 2007 8:16am

e. from Washington DC, United States

Wow, this is crazy! Reminds me of of Dali.

14 Oct 2007 8:24am

Me , Myself & I from The WAY BEYOND,

This makes me think of something from the sci-fi channel , I can even hear the music from the channel in my head !!! ....lol.... but apparently I hear many things in my head ..... superb job BB , I will check out your film !!

14 Oct 2007 2:34pm

@Me , Myself & I: hey 103 names--don't listen to everything you hear in your head*-))
I tried that once and ended up singing to the trees in a soft ,velvety voice*-))
I'm better now ,ask the squirrels hee hee--billy

Rebecca from Leicester, United Kingdom

heh heh, can't resist echoing the others here :) ....definitely Dali-esque, this one! this is WOW, so surreal, so sublime! you've got the master's hand here, salvador billy! :)

14 Oct 2007 5:47pm

@Rebecca: cheers Rebecca--all I've got to do now,is grow my tache to curl the ends up*-)

Rags from Plano, United States

cool! very fantastic!

15 Oct 2007 4:49am

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

FANTASTIC Billy!!!! Bravo!
Great surreal and funky feel to this...and I agree with Amy, definitley and Album cover for Floyd

15 Oct 2007 10:48am

@Jen: gee whizz,corr blimey wilikins Jen !!you gave me a Bravo--my first and ,now,treasured adjective.
thanks a bunch pal...

Manuela Photography from Hainburg, Germany

Another cool composition/collage!

15 Oct 2007 2:28pm

Rabbit from Richmond, United States

Oh my - how fun & creepy at the same time. I love the colors and all the bubbles!

15 Oct 2007 3:48pm

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

Fantastic abstract photo Billy!

15 Oct 2007 4:10pm

Visions by Dean Christopher. from Cardiff, United Kingdom

wow man...some trippy sh** Silva!!!

15 Oct 2007 7:41pm

@Visions by Dean Christopher.: hey cool man daddio did the biz--billydad

Dawn Sutherland from Phoenix, United States

This is amazing, I agree with Amy this could be an album cover for Pink Floyd or something. Very futuristic and clever.

15 Oct 2007 7:55pm

@Dawn Sutherland: cheers Dawn--caused a bit of a stir this one--thanx--billy

Markus from Reading, United Kingdom

How very interesting! I'm stunned! Ace work here billy, ace work!!

15 Oct 2007 9:54pm

@Markus: cheers Markus--I can't remember where the idea came from-I probably picked up the idea from way back when,in my life--;-))

Candace from Emmaus, United States

Ok...wierd! I just put up a seagull too today. LOL!

But yours is OUTSTANDING!!!! WOW! There's nothing more for me to say...this is just amazing.

16 Oct 2007 8:43pm

@Candace: great minds across the pond hey ??
cheers Candace --I'm glad you liked this image--billy

Anne from White Rock, Canada

Hi Billy this is splendid! Love your seagull! But I got bubbles up first ha ha! I might have known, as well, that it would be a day when you didn't visit. :-( Oh! my I didn't get the finger in mine! Darn!

Sorry I haven't visited since my Thanksgiving Turkey - but have been otherwise engaged!

18 Oct 2007 11:02am

@Anne: hey Anne -just looked at your bubbles shot--same software ??

alla from Toronto, Canada

wow, i love this one!

1 Nov 2007 2:22pm

@alla: wow will do for me pal..cheers.. billy


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