Dangerous Water

Posted by bronzebilly u.k. (Barry,Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 5 August 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

"I need someone to wash the dishes" said Mrs Billy
"I'll do them when I've watched this film on t.v." answered Billy
"o.k." said Mrs Billy "what film is it ?"
"Crocodile Dundee" answered Billy

you can write your own ending!!........billy

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

LOL :D.......Another brilliant one billy! :)

5 Aug 2007 10:16pm

@MaryB: cheers MaryB --I'll buy a dishwasher-I think--billy

Bron from Canberra, Australia

Wow billy - I'm glad I'm not washing up this morning haha great pp!!

5 Aug 2007 10:52pm

@Bron: thanx Bron--lucky you--unlucky me;-((--billy

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

"How'd he know?" mused Mrs. B. Heh. I really enjoyed your story. Your image today is super!

5 Aug 2007 11:07pm

@Viewfinder: cheers VF--him or me??--billy

RoBeRt from Hawk Mountain, United States

very fun shot !

6 Aug 2007 2:18am

@RoBeRt: hey RoBeRt--cheers pal--I took a journey through(thru') your p/blog tonight and enjoyed the site so much-so full of character--I'll be back(as they say)--billyi

ColNed Pictures from Amersfoort, Netherlands

hahaha, funny shot with a funny story

6 Aug 2007 7:13am

@ColNed Pictures: glad you enjoyed it-CNP--billy

kairospix from Singapore, Singapore

haha nice one!
another creative photoshopped work!

6 Aug 2007 7:36am

@kairospix: hey K--thanx for the creative tag--I'll try to live up to it--billy

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Oh! This is very funny.

6 Aug 2007 7:48am

@badala: hey badala--I'm pleased you liked it--billy

Inés from Namur, Belgium

Lol, so funny !!!! cool

6 Aug 2007 8:12am

@Inés: cheers Inés--hope it brought a smile on--billy

tyan from Singapore

lol,prob dont have to wash them cos already eaten up by crocie?:) your pic always brighten my day,dude.:)

6 Aug 2007 8:53am

@tyan: good observation tyan--I'm pleased to make you giggle--billy

Candace from Emmaus, United States

LOL! This made me giggle. I LOVE it! I'll never look at washing dishes the same again. Thanks for the laughter. :)

6 Aug 2007 12:24pm

@Candace: hey Candace--steel gloves are what you need;-))--billy

Markus from Reading, United Kingdom

Funny shot, well done! Nothing lost in the fight with the beast? LoL

6 Aug 2007 7:05pm

@Markus: hey Markus--I legged it when I saw him and was forced to run to the pub--cheers pal--billy

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

I knew there was a reason I don't like doing the dishes!!! Great one billy!

6 Aug 2007 11:53pm

@Craiger: hey Craiger--I don't any more;-))--cheers pal--billy

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

Your imagination is boundless... I'm thinking Mrs billy rolls her eyes frequently because as you may not know: behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes!! Love the image billy!! Not everyone has a sudsy croc!!

7 Aug 2007 1:46am

@amy: yo cutesie--funny you should say that--'coz I caught her rolling her eyes behind me the other day--however--they rolled out the door and down the hill outside my house--guess who had to go looking--yes--billy--still I was the only one who could see after all;-))--billy
b.t.w.--thanx pal--billy

Stunner from Kingston, Jamaica

LOL! I bet you never did the dishes when you saw this! Fantastic work Billy!

7 Aug 2007 2:42pm

@Stunner: hey Stunner no chance--for action taken see Markus' answer above--billy

Jen from Alpharetta, United States

Absolutely fabulous image and story Billy!!! I just love your sense of humor!

7 Aug 2007 2:47pm

@Jen: hey ho Jensie--I always look forward to your comments--you know-fabby,amazing,superb etc.--bring 'em on sister-let me wallow in the spotlight--oops!! got carried away then--seriously though thanx for your encouragement pal--billy

Nadine from Montréal, Canada

Hi, hi !!

7 Aug 2007 5:26pm

@Nadine: cheers Nadine--thanx for visiting--billy

Dawn Sutherland from Phoenix, United States

Made me smile, very cool.

7 Aug 2007 5:55pm

@Dawn Sutherland: hey Dawn--I'm happy to oblige--I'll accept the cool--billy
b.t.w.luv your p/blog-- so many variations--great stuff--billy

Ian Bramham from Manchester, United Kingdom

Love your sense of humour and the variety of shots!
All the best, Ian

17 Aug 2007 9:48am

@Ian Bramham: cheers pal--billy

Stu from Kyoto, Japan

Billy, you crack me up mate! Nice!

23 Aug 2007 1:32pm

@Stu: cheers pal-glad to amuse--billy

bronzebilly u.k. from cardiff, United Kingdom

cheers pal--glad to amuse--billy

23 Aug 2007 11:28pm


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