Forthcoming Attraction

Posted by bronzebilly u.k. (Barry,Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom) on 7 July 2007 in Abstract & Conceptual and Portfolio.

coming to your local flea-pit soon--billy

amy from Rocky Mountain House, Canada

YOU are one piece of work!!!! This is just so splendiferously hilarious!!!! I also love the special effects. FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS. And don't go getting all gooey on me... you deserve the accolades... so do your kingly wave and mumble some humble refrain.

PS... will Bob Fossy also be doing the choreography? fossy fossy fossy...

8 Jul 2007 2:44am

@amy: yo cutes--3 F-words--what a prize!!!-accepted with honour-ta--this baby took a bit of work I can tell you. I've been sweating over a hot laptop for days(showers in between)to get it right:-))--billy
b.t.w.I've got a feeling Fossy boy has popped his clogs so we won't be using that baby this time--billy

Shrig from United States

Congrats! :)

8 Jul 2007 3:52am

@Shrig: cheers Shrig--keep your eyes open for the launch;-))--billy

chacha from United States

cool capture

8 Jul 2007 5:44am

@chacha: cheers chacha--appreciated--billy

allyy`* from Singapore, Singapore

hmm. *doesnt quite get this* lol!

8 Jul 2007 10:31am

@allyy`*: hey allyy`*--don't fib I know you do;-))--billy

{H} creatives from Santa Clara, United States

Billy...don't forget us down here once you've rake in the dough, eh? are one creative, "braddah"!

By the way, no I'm not from Wales, "brah!" B-) Actually picked up the phrase from a Hawaiian friend of mine many moons back who speaks a local "pidgin" guy, Keoni was. Didn't know the Wales used it as well...makes me wanna visit you, Billy, and have a look around your part of town to see what else might be "familiar"! Cheers, brah! B-)

p.p.s. Love your comment about anarchy! LOL...

8 Jul 2007 10:34am

@{H} creatives: hey {H}--I'm in the clear and out of the naughty corner--yipee!!
I appreciate your observations on my "creations"-they're mostly for fun although I can feel a serious few posting coming on--it'll make a change--billy

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Great poster!!! Love the fonts!!!

8 Jul 2007 11:17am

@Craiger: cheers Craiger--the fonts were quite simple but getting them in the right place took ages--billy

badala from Leiria, Portugal

Just brilliant work.

8 Jul 2007 11:34am

@badala: thanx badala--a brilliant will do for me--cheers--billy

Stu from Kyoto, Japan

He he! LOL! Nice one Billy! A very slick production ;-)

16 Jul 2007 4:44am

@Stu: cheers Stu--check your local cinema;-))--billy


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